Real Estate Asset Management(PM)

1. Business overview

ISU Group meets ISU E&C with more than 40 years of know-how to create the real estate value of a new dimension.

We are exploring new areas through differentiated services by experts in each area of real estate.
We will establish the standards for comprehensive real estate service companies by providing premium product development and operation solutions with the best partners, thinking from the perspective of our customers.

2. Businesses

PM(Property Management)

We provide development, asset management and consulting services in all areas of real estate including apartments, officetels, commercial facilities, and complex development, as well as work towards maximizing the real estate value of customers through our expert human resources with abundant experience.

Real estate development

Performance of development work for all areas of real estate including apartments, officetels, commercial facilities and complex development

  • Business planning
  • Design and Licensing Management
  • Real Estate Finance/Business Agreements
  • Construction Management
  • Completion and Leasing/Management

Asset Management/Operations

Provide asset management service for various products such as commercial real estate, aggregate buildings, etc.

  • Asset management
  • Asset management advisory
  • Increasing asset value
  • MD planning and leasing
  • Purchase and sale

PM Consulting

Provide various real estate consulting services including development consulting, fair value appraisal, and market analysis consulting

  • Market Analysis
  • Fair Value Appraisal
  • Business Feasibility Analysis
  • Business Profit Analysis
  • Project General Management[PM]

Additional businesses

Providing business services connected to real estate in addition to development, asset management, and consulting

  • Business consulting
  • Real estate purchase
  • Sales agency
  • Lease agency
  • Investment advisory