Building Operation Management(FM)

1. Business overview

Providing comprehensive management tailored to each building type such as office buildings, aggregate buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, department stores, schools, factories, etc.

We identify customer needs, propose efficient management of buildings, and improve the customers’ asset value.

2. Businesses

FM(Facility Management)

We provide specialized FM (Facility Management) services by categorizing management methods and support systems tailored to the characteristics of individual buildings such as apartments, offices, and commercial buildings.

Facility management

  • Building operation, inspection, repair and maintenance work [temperature, humidity/energy management/safety management]
  • Operation and maintenance management of electrical/mechanical/firefighting/building facilities
  • Management/Accounting/Operations Consulting
  • Building maintenance and management

Lease management

  • Conclusion of lease contract/Surrounding rent survey/Lease pricing and renewal
  • Move-in services [Move-in consultation/ Lease contract agency/Move-in information/Move-in facility inspection]
  • Living services [Rent and maintenance fee collection management/Tenant complaint handling/Facility management]
  • Move-out service [Settlement of utility bills/Move-out facility inspection/Restoration and cleaning/Eviction suit]

Cleaning/Security/Parking/Information Management

  • Protection management for interior and exterior of the building
  • Indoor air quality management [Improvement of work environment, etc.]
  • Outside, parking lot management
  • Waste management [eco-friendly recycling management]
  • Access control, visitor information, and parking charge management
  • Safety assurance for visitors and property protection
  • Prevention of fire, theft, and wrongdoing